Monday, February 20, 2006

The beginning .......

I believe (and am sure) you cannot achieve something till you give it a shot. The worst that can happen is faltering umpteen times before finally succeeding. And here I am trying for the first time ... to write ... to express something ... entering the blogging arena ... never to look back ...

It wasnt long ago that i got hooked to Formula 1. Have been a Ferrari supporter right from the beginning ... fascinated by the red cars ... all the discussions we used to have in TSEC and then buffalo ... had heard about the greats who no longer raced ... Dameon Hill, Villeneuve, Prost and yes the all time GREAT Senna. Never saw Senna race, just heard he was the greatest.

After years of being a F1 fan ... got a chance to read about the events of that fateful weekend ... and was in misery for the better part of the day. Googled a bit more about him, read quite a bit ... and the best I read about him was when a guy was unable to explain to his girlfriend ... "how could someone's death ... whom he hadnt even met in his life, affect him so much." Similar was my case ... i have had my share of ups and downs in life but the kind of pain i experienced that day is unexpressable.

Recently i saw the lap that cost the F1 followers .. the best racer, the GOD of motor racing. One of the rare sights when I was unable to stop my eyes from getting moist.

And I dont think many would disagree (if any) that the legend continues to live, in my heart, in our hearts, all the formula 1 fans.