Monday, April 17, 2006

My Didi

This post is dedicated to the person who is the architect of my life, my career, me as a person, as a friend, as a son, as a brother. And this person is my lovely sis.

My earliest memories about her are when she used to dress me up for school, pack my bag for the day, feed me with her lovely hands, and yes even polish my shoes. Then came the days when she started teaching me maths and science ... and today these are the subjects where i can say i have a strong base. Always trying to bring life into things, she was the one to take me for a stroll in the garden just to make my botany lessons exciting.

She being a truly family person, started taking tutions to aid my family in difficult times, and made sure i was in oblivion @ all times. And with the help of these tutions she got the best out of me too, to make me compete with my seniors in the annual maths competition held in DehraDun and yeah even beat them :):)

And as they say life doesnt always remain the same ... she got married during my 8th grade, leaving an unfillable void in me. Today she is pretty far away from me but she is the closest person I have. I am too small to even try to repay her.

Sis ... I may have never said this to you in these many words but "I truly love you"